Daxbase Binary Options Review - Trade with Confidence

Daxbase is a Forex platform that belongs to Finance Group Corp which is well known and has been existing for many years. They have a proven record of providing the best quality trading services all over the world for so many years.

Finance Group Corp is always committed to ensure safety and security of the investments made by the investors. Traders who sign up with Daxbase are guaranteed of an easy and comfortable online trading experience. Forex traders find it very convenient to carry out trading on their platform.

The traders who are on the Daxbase platform are served with true and correct information about Forex trading. The customer support staff offers the best quality customer service to the traders. The most interesting fact about Daxbase is that they are everywhere. The traders can start their trading activity from any country like Russia, China, Australia, Thailand and Singapore.

Daxbase enables the traders to operate from any corner of the world. Their website is very new and offers video live chat also. Those who use Daxbase are assured of various advantages. The advantages include 100% secure trading, uninterrupted trading even during weekends, withdrawal processing within one hour, 24x7 customer support, a lot of funding methods, not less than 10,000 processed transactions every day and copy trading.

Only a trusted Forex Broker with commitment to quality can provide these advantages to the traders. 10,000 transactions in a day is in fact too high for a new broker. If it is true that they make more transactions every day it is obvious that this broker was working in the market previously under a different name. Daxbase provides the new traders the opportunity to copy other experienced traders on the platform.

Trading Platforms and Features

Daxbase homepage

One among the most important aspects of Daxbase is that they ensure that the investors who use their platform for trading feel that they are safe and that their investment is secured.

Daxbase is regulated by financial authorities and hence it is a fact that the funds on this platform are safe. Traders will not sign up with a broker who simply makes unfulfilled promises. The investors expect an all-inclusive package from a broker who is affordable. A lot of traders sign up with Daxbase because it is considered as a genuine as well as reliable forex broker.

Being a reliable broker, Daxbase can guarantee the safety of the investors. It is trusted by the traders because as a forex broker they are always authentic as well as accountable. Moreover, Daxbase is owned by a famous company which has been existing since many years. The support team at Daxbase assures the best quality support to customers. Their platform assures maximum convenience to the Forex traders.

Daxbase ensures the traders non-stop trading from any part of the world. Full data protection is provided to all the members. Daxbase makes use of SSL encrypted protection.

The traders get the services of an expert to find out the trading ropes. The majority of brokers refuse to provide this type of gifts to the new investors but Daxbase provides such gifts to the new investors. This fact has made Daxbase a world class broker. The newbie traders will always have something to learn.

Ideal Trading Conditions

Daxbase has record withdrawal speed of less than one hour which is guaranteed. Investors who expect instant withdrawal of money are greatly impressed with the less than one-hour processing time.

Also, more than 15 Altcoins are available to the users. Daxbase platform allows Crypto trading which is indeed a boon for the crypto enthusiasts. The investors are impressed with the broker when they are convinced that their funds are safe.

Daxbase is 100% compliant in this aspect and ensures that the funds of all the members are safe. Since the broker promptly segregates the accounts there will be no unexpected loss of funds. The compensatory scheme provided by the broker is an added advantage for the investors. Daxbase unconditionally provides insurance cover to member funds.


Traders who want to use the Daxbase platform are required to go through the free registration process. Once the registration process is complete the traders can fund their accounts. The newbie traders can start copy trading and choose one or more successful traders. Once it is done the trader can start copying and can follow the results. This is indeed an amazing option for the traders.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Daxbase is a highly compatible as well as convenient trading platform and deposits and withdrawals are also made equally convenient. The investor can deposit as well as withdraw money using various channels such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Visa, Master Card, Monero, Maestro, Perfect Money and more. Investors are unlikely to face any hurdle for depositing or withdrawing money.


A lot of traders are coming forward to sign up with Daxbase.com since they are 100% convinced that this is an authenticated broker. The expert traders agree that they are a great trading broker. Daxbase assures the traders an awesome Forex experience.

They offer a live video chat support, where it takes the traders face to face with the customer support team. There will be no buffering and the chat session starts immediately.

It is also proved that Daxbase is legal and legit. It had ensured full compliance with all the regulatory agencies and it is a well certified broker. Traders who sign up are assured of numerous advantages as well as promotions. Investors are safe when they deal with a trusted broker.