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Forex.com Review - A Global Forex Trading Broker

FOREX.com was founded in the year 1999 and is a part of GAIN Capital Holdings. The company has its operations in various countries and licensees in important regulatory hubs. The countries include US, UK, Canada, Japan and Australia. GAIN Capital Holdings provides its services to more than 200,000 clients. In the Forex market they offer 84 currency pairs and more than 220 CFDs, including all major asset classes.

The broker offers numerous options for the traders of Forex as well as CFDs globally. New as well as experienced traders find the Forex.com as an online trading platform with a lot of amazing features, exciting tools for trading and a lot of channels for ideas and research content. Their website is authorized to operate in jurisdictions that are highly regulated. The desktop and the web platform versions are equipped with advanced charting capabilities.

In the FX market scenario, FOREX.com is indeed a market leader at global level. The customer service provided is of course good but can improve a lot. Forex.com is a low-risk online trading platform with a trust score of 91 out of 99 and they are known for their competitive price structure which is simple to understand and easy to manage. The competitive price structure enables the broker to achieve higher ranks in the commissions category.

Trading Platforms and Features

Forex.com homepageThe traders who use Forex.com as their platform agree that they make their trading more effective. Their website is able to meet all their trading needs and it provides them with three separate platforms for trading. The flagship platform is Advanced Trading. It has an amazing package for charting. Advanced Trading offers in total 139 technical indicators and a lot of tools for drawing. Moreover, Advanced Trading enables the technically advanced traders to develop their own trading systems that are automated.

The advanced retail traders are sure to find the desktop version of Advanced Trading the best suited for them. On this platform the new as well as the less experienced traders can have more user-friendly intermediate features that enable them to learn faster. The HTML web platform from Forex.com is called Web Trading and is powered by Trading View technology. A highly robust charting and the watch lists are the outstanding features of this platform. The interface of this platform is highly interactive and is also very easy to use. The Advanced Trading platform is perfectly organized and by way of centralizing its research within the platform, it enables the clients to easily access the platform from one place.

The AdvantageFX mobile app is one among the best mobile apps available in the Forex industry. The mobile app ensures clean navigation and it has a host of amazing trading features.

An Overview of the Promotions

Those who use Forex.com are able to trade with Forex, CFDs and cryptos. No other asset classes are available on this platform. This is a Forex broker with a few CFDs. Those who want to trade CFDs with Forex.com should know clearly how they work and they should be in a position to take the risk. Forex.com offers the traders a great amount of currency pairs. The research tools offered are also diverse and awesome. The charting tools, recommendations and economic calendar provided are amazing and the broker also gives high quality news.

Deposits and Withdrawals Overview

For the accounts with Forex.com there are various funding options. The account holders can use a debit card or a credit card, or can opt for wire transfer. Withdrawals are also done by the same methods as funding. The traders here have two options - open a standard trading account or get qualified for a professional one. The minimum initial deposit for standard account is $50. The limit for maximum transaction is $10,000.

Regulation Information

Forex.com provides a safe as well as properly regulated platform for FX trading as well as trading of CFDs. It is the subsidiary of a New York Stock Exchange company. In the UK, Forex.com is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Markets in Financial Directive allows the broker to operate all over the European Union. In Australia, Forex.com falls under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Customer Support Methods

Multiple support methods are provided by Forex.com. The customers can contact them either over the live phone support or over the online chat. The website also provides tutorials as well as an extensive FAQ section. Current as well as prospective clients can make use of the online chat and the phone support. Social media support is not available. There is a chatbot that provides support over a chat, hence there is limit for the questions that can be asked. Those who have long or in-depth questions can send a message via email. The email message function is provided at the bottom of the support page of the website. Responses will be made within one to three business days.


For the active traders Forex.com is the ideal option. They will find that their trading costs are comparatively lower. Forex.com is also good for traders who are not so frequent. The traders who are infrequent will be taking just a few trades only every month. Hence even if the fees and spreads are slightly higher they won't mind the same. The fees and spreads at Forex.com are slightly higher for the traders who make a few trades every day. It is likely to increase their trading costs.

Forex.com is considered as one of the most trusted Forex brokers. Forex.com is known for its excellent platforms, research tools and competitive pricing. The broker is recognized as a good trading platform for new, experienced and inexperienced traders. Forex.com offers great variety of currency pairs and their technical research tools are of superb quality. Forex.com is a customizable platform and also offers the most complete mobile solution.

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